Our strength lies in providing financial planning solutions that focus on the Investment, Retirement, and Estate Planning needs of our clients.


Whatever the reasons you want to grow your money, our experience and expertise will enable you achieve your goals and dreams. Whether it’s a lump sum, or a regular amount that you’d like to invest for the future, we’ll help you to navigate through the many options available, and identify a solution that is right for you.   

The world of investments is filled with many opportunities and pitfalls. Our aim is to help clients to make smart money decisions which, through diligent application and patience, result in investment success.

Products that typically form part of our investment solutions include: 

  • Collective Investments (local & offshore unit trusts)
  • Share portfolio’s
  • Endowments
  • Tax Free Investments/Saving Accounts

At Custodian Wealth, we play an active role in providing our clients with the guidance they need to prepare and enjoy a worry-free retirement. By partnering with us, you can expect the complexities, jargon and choice often associated with retirement planning to be simplified so that you can make informed decisions.

Our retirement solutions include identifying suitable retirement products based on your personal retirement objectives, implementing an appropriate investment solution, monitoring the progress over time and providing you with feedback on a regular basis.

 Products that typically form part of our retirement solutions include:

  • Retirement Annuities
  • Pension Preservation Funds
  • Provident Preservation Funds
  • Living Annuities
  • Underwritten Annuities

We believe that a sound financial plan takes into account the the legacy that you would like to leave behind. 

Our estate planning solutions help to protect assets, minimise taxes and costs, provide liquidity for liabilities, and ensure that your estate is administered efficiently.

The drafting of Wills is central to this process, and is included in our service offering to clients.

As financial planning professionals, we aim to help people take control of their financial future. To this end, we follow a six step planning process:

Step 1. ESTABLISH and define the client-planner relationship

Step 2. GATHER client data to determine goals and expectations

Step 3. ANALYZE and evaluate the client’s financial status

Step 4. DEVELOP AND PRESENT the financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

Step 5. IMPLEMENT the financial planning recommendations

Step 6. MONITOR AND REVIEW the financial planning recommendations



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